Day 14: Last Night in Shanghai




Lisa, Professor Paula Wang, Nicolette, Leslie, Dean Londrigan and myself at our farewell dinner.

 We dined in a Shanghai restaurant with traditional Shanghai food and entertainment.

 The costumes were beautiful and finely detailed..

 That was our final day in China.  I met amazing people that I can now call my friends, and it was eye-opening to have a first-hand experience of Chinese culture.  I will definitely be back! 


Day 13: Shanghai Urban Planning Museum & Business Meeting


The Shanghai Urban Planning Museum has a huge model of the city of Shanghai.  You can tell the scale of the model by noting the man in the upper left hand corner of the picture.


We had a rewarding business meeting in Shanghai, but unfortunately I did not take picture An LIM alumnus who has started his own licensing firm, Alfilo, that is based in China, told us about the many processes that are involved in creating a business of that kind.  It was excellent advice for almost anyone aspiring to open a fashion business.


Day 9: Wuzhen






The historic Water Town on the banks of the Grand Canal 

A picture of me with my back to the canal 

Fabric drying by the traditional method after it has been dyed

Small-boat traffic in the river that surrounds the town